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Raghav Gautam
Artist | A biotechnology student, who then studied VFX and animation, and went on to become a freelance photographer and cinematographer after working in the background in a couple of VFX and Animation studios. He has worked with some big and plenty of small brands and startups as a fashion and advertising photographer and cinematographer, having also directed and shot several corporate videos among others. Photography is something that he thinks about all the time, and has aimed at getting better. He’s mostly a self-taught photographer with no formal training apart from several workshops and sessions with some amazing contemporary as well as senior photographers. He loves the visual medium and aims to create several stories woven in single frames, which he is currently working on. Professionally, he’s doing fashion shoots, product shoots, advertising campaign and corporate shoots regularly, and has been in the industry as a professional for almost three years. He has a background of animation and VFX, and has literally grown up with visual medium, having studied it very well. His work can be found at and His work has earlier been exhibited at IHC and Red Fort as part of the Youth For Heritage's event Forgotten Heritage of Delhi- the picture being of Roshnara Bagh Tomb!