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People and Portrait Photography

As the name suggests, this kind of photography involves painting with your camera, the portrait of a person or a group of people. Portrait or people photographs emphasize on the facial expressions & features of the subjects. The beauty of such photographs lies in the fact that anyone can be a subject for it; there’s no need for professional models to make a portrait or people photograph look intriguing. Another, interesting thing about portrait photography that, there are no rules for it. Earlier, subjects were photographed looking into the camera, but photographers now enjoy experimenting with different styles, some which convey reality and some which are creatively processed. Read on to know about the interesting ways photographers conjure delightful portrait photographs!

Styles in People and Portrait Photography

        1.Classical Portrait Photography

In a classical or traditional portrait, the facial features and expressions of the subject is the key element of the image. A subject looking directly into the camera, with two-third or full body in the frame makes for a great classical portrait photograph. Since each face has a story to tell, people generally buy portrait photography prints of pictures with resonate with their personality.

        2. Candid Portrait Photography

A refreshing way of capturing precious moments, candid photography gives best results when the subject is unaware. Candid photography aims at capturing genuine emotions and unrehearsed smiles, giving photographs which are priceless. These styles have found their wide applications in photojournalism, street photography, travel photography and event photography.

        3. Lifestyle Portrait

Lifestyle portraitures suggest the style of living of the subjects and aim to communicate various emotions or life experiences. Technically, professionals perceive it as combination of candid and environmental portraits. This style has countless implications in fine art and commercial photography.

        4. Environmental Portrait or People Photography

Professional photographers often capture the photo of the subject in an environment which represents him. In pictures such as these, the subject along with the background, expresses something about himself. For instance, the picture of a laborer photographed at the construction zone or a sculptor at work with his studio in the background.


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