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About Food Photography

An attractive genre of still life photography which is fast gaining popularity due to its enticing results, is food photography. Food photos hold great appeal and commercial value especially when it comes to advertisements, cookbooks or even donning up an eatery’s décor. There’s a lot that goes into executing professional food photography and it may involve an art director, a photographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist and their assistants. However, there are a whole lot of individual professional photographers, who are drawn to clicking food pictures with a few techniques up their sleeve and they too produce visually delicious results.

What Makes a Food Picture Good?

Each food has an element that imparts it a visual appeal. Some foods have a colour that pops while some have texture that is appetizing. A good food photograph is one which works with the best trait of the food, highlighting it to make it look delectable. One way to judge a food picture is this: if the food photograph is tempting, it’s a winner! Food styling also plays an important role in food photography. Styling is the difference between a picture of a cutlet between buns and a mouthwatering picture of a burger stuffed with fresh, green lettuce, shiny, red tomato slices and well-done cutlet oozing mayonnaise!

Professional Food Photography – A Skill

Food photography, simple as it may sound, requires the photographer to persevere, practice and experiment. A food photographer knows the importance of lighting in a shot. The right lighting can make all the difference and bring out the best visuals of the subject. Second to lighting, is the arrangement of the food, the choice of the plate and the background used. Food photographers, almost always have the end result in mind, according to which they select their subject, lighting, choice of angle, plate and props. Giving a free reign to your creativity and experimenting is what professional food photographers swear by.

Role of Professional Food Photography Prints and Frames in a Décor

Netizens often take to searching for beautiful food photography prints and frames online, either simply for the satiating visuals or for making them a part of their business décor. Owners of hotels, restaurants, fast food joints and coffee shops usually take to doing up their décor with appetizing food pictures, which are a delight to the customers and are indicative of the quality and type of foods they serve. Even for beautifying a kitchen or dining space, food pictures make a great choice.

Scanning through food photos is a delight to your senses and to a still life photographer, an inspiration to venture into a challenging yet fascinating realm of photography.