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Flower Photographs


Imagine; it is a busy day at work. You are in the mode of “getting stuff done”, you barely have time for a cup of tea, and suddenly on the wall of the room you are in a floral image catches your eye. This is a sight that brings a smile on your face! It definitely has a positive effect on your mood, even if it’s temporary.

The human mind, for strange reasons of its own, reacts positively to flowers. We are conditioned to believe that flowers are synonymous to beauty, which of course they are! It is said that nature smiles in colours and laughs in flowers. Many of us would agree! Even in various cultures, different flowers represent different things and emotions, which are almost always, positive. This is probably the reason why flower photography is a widely explored zone of photography.

Clicking Flower Photos

Straightforward as it may seem, a photographer has to keep many little tricks and details in mind to get a floral image right. Most professional photographers suggest, experimenting is the key to get an optimum flower image. The photographer has to experiment with various camera settings, angles, and lenses. Photographers are also required to take care of ideal weather conditions to shoot in. As compared to a bright, cloudless sky, an overcast but a bright day results in more flattering photographs.

Another thing that gives amazing floral images is taking care of the contrast. The subject should contrast with the background for that wow effect. Flower photography requires keen observation, attention to details and the ability to recognize the latent beauty of form and colour in the simple elements of nature. Knowing this, next when you come across, a seemingly simple floral image which strikes a chord with you, you’d be wise enough to know that much thought was put into it by the photographer!

Why Buy Flower Photographs?

Apart from their obvious, ornamental value, flower pictures are also gaining popularity as feng shui science and vastu shastra, both, give them a thumbs-up. According to feng shui, different flowers represent different things, all of which is positive. Flowers represent love, beauty, fertility, and abundance. It is advised that flowers, especially in pairs, should be placed in the bedroom for harmony. Flower images in the living area can create a positive flow of energy and attract good luck and laughter to a family. Flower images at your work desk can also bring a great boost in creativity. There’s much to explore in these sciences of décor to help you better work with including flower photographs at your home or workplace.

Whether you believe in aligning your home the feng shui way or not, there are still a hundred reasons to buy floral images that best suit your personality; from shy lilies to passionate roses, there is always a flower that resonates with a personality type. So, why not explore? Flower photography is truly a charming photography style.