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Abstract Photography

The concept of Abstract photography deals with “what is not”. It intentionally differs from reality. Abstract photography often shows brilliant views and perceptions, amazing play of angles, forms, lines and colour. Abstract photographs are always subjective. They do not necessarily show you what the photographer saw in an image himself. These photographs let you make your own assumptions and perceptions. That is the beauty of an abstract photograph! Your imagination is not held back, like in conventional photographs where the imagination of the photographer is obvious and the perception of the on looker is formed almost in line with the photographer’s.

These photographs add vibrancy to space with their colour, pattern and form. They can also be quite subdued and play only with the form to bring in an element of sophistication and taste. Abstract photography is not limited to images clicked by a camera. These images may also be created by manipulating a film, paper or by using digital presentation technique. 

What Makes Abstract Photography Intriguing?

There are no rules for abstract photography. The photographer makes his pictures intriguing through elements which have one or more of the following traits:

1. Form:

Form, or shape of the subject is usually what makes the abstract photograph what it is. Ironic as it may sound, it defines the abstract and leads the viewer on. A form when captured in series, can create interesting patterns.

2. Colour:

Second to form, is the color which strongly adds to the mood of the photograph. Monotones, and intense colors are a recommended. Contrast in colours also holds attention as one tries to make sense out of the various thoughts that rush in when one looks at an abstract photograph.

3. Curves:

Curves control the movement of the viewer’s eyes and captures attention so that the on-looker can take-in the entire image.

Take a peek at our abstract photographs and decide if you would like an abstract photo to add an angle of modern art to your home.