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An imprint of the past, photographs are fascinating objects. Photographers are inspired to create these visual documents and the sources of inspiration, vary greatly. Consequentially, there are different genres in photography, some conventional and some unconventional. While genres such as nature photography, landscape photography, flower photography and portrait photography have always been very popular and are more explored, genres such as wildlife photography, heritage photography, food photography and abstract photography started gaining popularity much later, with food photography being a fairly new genre.

Photography Genres On artOreal

artOreal has works which have been categorized under various genres. Read on to know more…

1. Abstract Photography: An intriguing type of photography, in which the photographer works with forms, patterns, colours, depth, lighting, textures etc. to compose an image which mostly is ‘unclear’ in terms of the subject photographed.

2. Culture Photography: Culture photographs aim to speak about a culture by documenting particular events of a culture through the camera or by portraying aspects of a culture, such as dress, food, dwellings etc. in a picture.

3. Flower Photography: A popular genre, flower photography involves creatively clicking images of flora. Here the technique and composition decided by the photographer make the picture what it is.

4. Food Photography: Food photographs involve documenting delicacies of all sorts from all over the world. Often the food that is photographed is also ‘styled’ to make it look more appealing.

5. Heritage Photography: Heritage photographs are pictures of natural or man-made features of historical or cultural significance associated with a culture or nation, such as natural formations, buildings, artwork, and archaeological sites.

6. Landscape Photography: A much-loved genre, landscape photography gives a great insight into how diverse the world we live in, can be.

7. Nature Photography: Nature photography is a blanket term for photographing all that is in nature – flora, fauna, landscapes, and natural formations and phenomena. Amazing pictures of nature are an all-time favourite.

8. People & Portrait Photography: People & Portrait photographs are pictures which may have a historical significance but are more often appreciated for their personal value.

9. Travel Photography: Landmark buildings, natural formations, landscapes, etc. clicked with intent of documenting experiences on a travel make for travel photographs.

10. Wildlife Photography: A challenging kind of photography, it involves documenting various forms of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Photographs as Wall Art for Home and Office Decor

A framed photograph, is a wall décor that never goes out of vogue. Nature, Landscape, Abstract, and Heritage Photography prints look great as a part of home décor. Adding photo prints which reflect your personality is a great way of adding that personal touch to a space. Of all the home décor items, a framed photograph is probably an item which significantly impacts the aura or the ‘vibe’ of a room. While a picture of flowers, exudes an aura of love and harmony; a picture of majestic mountains can impart a humbling, authoritative aura, to the room. When it comes to symbolism, different cultures go by different symbols. For example, a lotus flower, according to the Indian culture, is a symbol of divine beauty and purity. Ancient sciences of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, strongly recommend adding pleasant photographs as a wall décor.