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Photography refers to the art, science and practice related to creation of various durable images via recording of lights and similar other types of electromagnetic radiations either with the help of electronic devices or by using a suitable image sensor. In addition, few professionals involved in capturing photographs also use chemicals with the help of light-sensitive type of material called often as photographic film.

History of Photography

History associated with photographs has its roots in remote level of antiquity via discovery of camera obscura or a dark room principle and based on observation that few substances alter visibly because of the exposure to light. Initially, there was no individual, who thought to bring the two different phenomena together for capturing of camera images in permanent format. Later on, Thomas Wedgwood came up with the first and reliably documented format. Furthermore, during the middle of 1820, Niepce succeeded after striving hard for a long time for exposure in camera system but still he gets very crude earliest results. Other than this, Louis Daguerre, the associate of Niepce moved ahead for the development of Daguerre type of camera system and image or video capturing method i.e. publicly announced procedure of photography for the first time. This procedure required only 2 to 3 minutes of the camera exposure and produced fine, clear and detailed results to sell photos online.

Types of Photography

Until now, the world has witnessed and artists have come up with varieties of photography options, which have lead to significant increase in sell photos online.

  • Black and White Photography

Many people perceive black and white photography is the one that comes without color. However, fact behind this type of photos available under sell photographs options over the internet indicate much more than simple black and white colored photos. These photographs mainly explore tones, shapes and textures. Highlights and shadows have their significant roles in these types of photos.

  • Nature Photography

Nature photography intends to display seas, plants, animals and varieties of landscapes available in different regions of the world.

  • Scientific Photography

Scientific photography collections include any special form of photography used mainly for various scientific level of endeavor. If you search science-based photos online under sell photographs section, you will find varieties of medical science photos, electron microscopy-based photos and astrophotography collections.

  • Digital Photography

Digital photography involves usage of cameras, which comprise of electronic photo detector arrays capturing images focused by the help of lens against the exposure on any particular photographic film. Captured images undergo for digitization store in the form of computer file ready to perform viewing, digital processing, printing and digital publishing activities.