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Graphics Illustration

We all wish to express our feelings with minimum words and actions, don’t we? A graphic illustration is a representation that has the ability to express the message through images and shapes. It is the more advanced form of graphic designs. The graphics illustration is used almost everywhere for delivering messages but it is more rooted in the commercial infrastructure for advertisement and delivering messages to bulk public with little input. They are being highly used nowadays and the modern world is quite used to it now.


Graphics design and illustration used to be almost a single entity until the 20th century. The great graphic designers were illustrators too and they used to switch freely between designing images and typographic functionalism. Earlier the graphic designers used to look upon the illustration with due respect; and many of them considered illustration art as the advanced form of graphic designs.

While the graphic designers had no popularity and were like anonymous, the graphic illustrators were popular and had their signature used to be present on their art. While the graphic designs were anonymous, the graphics illustration used to be sold by individual styles. The main motive of graphic designs and illustration is to convey messages to the public and this type of exhibition of messages gave rise to graffiti and illustration artwork.

Emergence of Graffiti Art

Although graffiti art has been used since the ancient times for expressing underlying social and political messages through artistic expression, but in modern times it has taken the form of an advanced version. Earlier it used to be expressed through carvings on the walls and bricks of temples and other public places. Nowadays artists design these artworks by using spray paints and marker pens on the walls, which are easily visible to the public. However, the motive behind it remains the same. However, making graffiti art is considered as an offence because painting social and political messages on walls that belong to others, without their permission is a punishable offence.

Illustration Art

Illustration art is the contemporary form of expression medium, which uses, decorative, visual explanation of a text, a process or a concept. The contemporary form of illustration uses a wide range of techniques and styles for depicting the whole story that includes drawing, printmaking, collages, digital designs, montage, 3D modeling, multimedia and what not. Mostly the art illustrators are freelancers and can work on your project if required.