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Digital Painting

Digital art, as the name suggests, is art created using digital software and tools. There are many types of digital art such as digital photography, photopainting, photomanipulation, digital painting and more. Digital painting is done using software that mimic conventional painting techniques through brushes and paint effects like watercolour, oil paintings etc. so that the resultant artwork resembles a conventional painting. This modern painting style involves skilled use of modern tools - computer, a digitizing tablet and stylus, and software. Digital painting can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

What Makes Digital Painting Fascinating?

It is often debated that the artists who physically hold the brush have more control over it, digital painting is still a reliable friend to artists and has its own benefits. Sophisticated software make it convenient for the artists to work within a lesser timeframe, with easy options for shades and achieve a result more realistic. One of the reasons that art lovers often buy digital paintings is for the vibrant and bright colours seen in digital paintings. Software, blend colours using mathematical calculations, which results in an inexhaustible supply of array of shades.

Furthermore, a digital painting can be given the texture and the look of an acrylic, canvas, oil, water or any other kind of painting. Digital painting is not solely made on the computer. The artist draws on a painting pad that reflects on the monitor, he fills in colours available in the software with customization as required, just as he would need to while painting with a physical brush and colours. Digital painting pervades into the realms of portraits, landscapes, nature, mythology etc. While an artist works digitally, he would churn out work that would be comparatively smoother than the ones done manually. That is one of the advantages of working with software.

Digital Painting as Wall Art

Our lives are becoming digital; art is too! A contemporary art form, digital paintings have a modern, youthful and unconventional vibe to it. Artists who put up their digital paintings for sale, find buyers in art lovers with an appreciation for innovative artwork. The colours and the brightness of a digital painting make it an eye-catching addition to a contemporary office or home décor. Many turn to buying digital paintings online as it’s a convenient way to bring some art into their lives.