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Digital Paintings

With every aspect of our life turning digital one way or the other, digitalization has imprinted upon the world of paintings also in the form of Digital painting. Though it is often debated that the artists no longer holds the brush, this reasoning can be effectively refuted. Digital Painting is a reliable friend to artists. It uses software to paint, which makes it convenient to the artists to work within a lesser timeframe and finish the painting more realistically.

It is often suggested that digital paintings should created in real time to catch the essence. However it does not necessarily apply to all kinds of digital painting. The scope of digital paintings is huge. A digital painting can be given the texture and the look of an acrylic, canvas, oil, water or any other kind of painting. It is interesting that digital painting is not all together made by the computer. The artist draws on a painting pad that reflects on the monitor, he fills in colours available in the software with customization as required, just as he would need to while painting with a physical brush and colours. Digital painting pervades into the realms of portraits, landscapes, nature, mythology etc.

While an artist works digitally, he would churn out work that would be comparatively smoother than the ones done manually. That is one of the advantages of working with software. Another commercially viable reason is digital paintings online. Today people are looking for options to buy paintings that can be a part their space decor. Hence painters today also prefer to display their Digital paintings online along with exhibition displays. With our lives becoming digital, art too is. Digital paintings are a modern way of expressing life and its elements. Optimizing on digital platforms to exhibit the digital paintings online, is one of the fastest ways to reach as many people as possible, who appreciate art for art sake.