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Digital Art

The presentation process, which is used for advertising products services or displaying a message publicly, has been evolving ever since. It has now taken the form of digital art; an art work which uses digital technology as the core part of the creative or presentation process. Since the computers were invented, computer and multimedia art came into being; and digital form of art is the most advanced form of display that is being used in almost every industry. However all the tree –computer art, digital and multimedia art come under the term New media Art. The use of pictures and posters is prevalent since many centuries but the impact of technology has changed the manual activities like drawing, painting, sculptures, music art, sound art into newer forms like net art, digital installation art etc and these are considered as artistic practices. A digital artist is someone who uses the digital techniques in producing an art to utilize it for any kind of advertising purpose.

Techniques Used

The techniques used for digital art is used widely for designing advertisements of the mainstream media and by filmmakers to create visual effects. Desktop publishing also has affected the publishing but it is more on the side of graphic design. Both traditional and the digital artists make use of numerous sources of electronic information and programs to design their creations. If we compare the musical arts with the visual arts, it can be said that both have evolved and progressed in the same manner digitally and electronically over the last three decades. Digital paintings are the result of the evolution of these excellent forms of arts.

Types and Scopes

Digital arts can be either completely computer generated like algorithmic art and fractals or it can be extracted from other sources like a scanned photograph, an image or a drawing, which is drawn using vector graphics software, tablet or a mouse. The scopes of creating these forms of arts are many and it can be used in every industry for advertising purpose. The advertising medium can be either digital or physical, which means the digital paintings, and arts created by the artist will come into action only when they are printed on the paper and are accessible to the public. On the other hand, if the advertising is to be done through internet the art can be used as it is made.