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Art Prints

Art Prints are reproduction of an original art. It can be reproduced on canvas, archival paper, photo paper etc. It is often argued that for people looking at buying original art, must learn to distinguish between the original and the print art. But does print art really lack quality or is print art an advantage for an artist too. These reproductions of the original art or limited editions are basically mechanically made copies. The copies are printed on canvas, archival papers, photo papers etc. Since originals are expensive, needs regular and thorough maintenance and are extremely time consuming since their procurement takes time. Art prints on the other hand are the best alternative since they are financially affordable, high quality, low maintenance and are available easily. Most importantly value of a lookalike print art never goes down. One of the ways is to print it on Canvas, a coarse cloth. For art prints on canvas, it is stretched or gallery-wrapped on to a frame for display. Used for interior designing, canvas prints reproduce the look of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. Archival paper is another surface on which reprints are done. These are museum defined high quality prints. Archival paper is either glossy or matte. The glossy surface makes for excellent oil painting reprints whereas the matt finish gives the best finish to drawing and water colours. Renovating or decorating a home inevitably leads to search for paintings to decorate that corner of the house which will burst with colors. For those who appreciate art, buying a piece of artwork is about beauty, context and many a times its significance in some ways to their lives. A high quality reproduction is a good as it gets and better.