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What are Art Prints

A painting, created at the hands of an artist, is often a unique piece of much value. An art print is a reproduction of an original painting. Art prints can be of two kinds – an original artist’s print and a digitally reproduced print. An original artist’s print is also called an “original print” is an image drawn or engraved on some surface by the artist who makes limited copies of his original artwork. The other type is a digital art print where copies of a photograph of the original painting is created.

How Are Wall Art Prints Created?

Digital wall art prints or digital fine art prints are created using large-format and/or high-volume laser or inkjet printers, to which a computer image file is sent, with an art print as its final output. As time has progressed, since the early methods of digital printing, the ways of printing and the outcome have become more sophisticated too. Now-a-days many netizens buy art prints online which can be made available on a variety of media, such as acrylic prints, canvas prints, archival paper prints and more.

Why Art Prints?

To answer this question, first we need know why artists do what they do? Why do they pour themselves out into their creations? Why do they choose ‘art’? The essence of the answers to these questions would be - to let the world know, to let people appreciate the wonders art can bring with it and to share the range of emotions their artwork can evoke.

An original work of art is unique and the prints created by the artist a few in number, making both these options an expensive one, if one is considering buying art. People buy art prints as they are an affordable way to enjoy the creations of an artist. Affordability allows everyone to infuse some art in their lives. Many artists too allow their art to be digitally reproduced. It is a way for an artist to touch more hearts and have a far-reaching impact with his/her work. High quality art prints are also opted for, by art lovers if they miss out on an original when it is sold. To make life more convenient artOreal makes it easy for you to buy art prints online offering a variety of frames and printing media to suit your taste.