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Print & Frame Photographs

Photographs are amazing objects. They capture a moment in time that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce. Each photograph has some story to it, making it all the more precious. artOreal brings to you a reservoir of many such well-curated, professionally clicked photographs from acclaimed photographers, which can hold your attention, as well as your heart. artOreal values photography as an art and furnishes high quality photo prints. Ordering framed picture prints online is a hassle-free way to buy wall décor for your home and your business spaces.

Photo Prints as a Part of Home and Office Décor

The easiest and one of the most beautiful ways to add much soul to different spaces, is to add a framed photo print that resonates with the personality of the residents or aesthetically blends with the color theme or theme of the furniture. Many consider this to be a great office and home décor idea. A printed and framed photograph, can enliven a barren wall in your living room and earn you compliments from your guest. In work places, the presence of visual art has been proven to boost the creativity of employees by 17%.

A framed photograph, is a wall décor that never goes out of vogue. Nature, Landscape, Abstract, and Heritage Photography prints look great as a part of home décor. Adding photo prints which reflect your personality is a great way of adding that personal touch to a space. Of all the home décor items, a framed photograph is probably an item which significantly impacts the aura or the ‘vibe’ of a room. While a picture of flowers, exudes an aura of love and harmony; a picture of majestic mountains can impart a humbling, authoritative aura, to the room. When it comes to symbolism, different cultures go by different symbols. For example, a lotus flower, according to the Indian culture, is a symbol of divine beauty and purity. Ancient sciences of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, strongly recommend adding pleasant photographs as a wall décor.

Photograph Prints as Gift Ideas

Selecting a gift can be quite a task. You often run out of ideas while brainstorming for gift ideas for your loved ones whom you frequently give presents to. On the other hand, choosing a gift for someone you know only formally can be tricky too. Aesthetically clicked pictures, set in a neat wooden frame, make for elite and unique gifts which can appeal to all, and is an evergreen yet unconventional gift item.