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Photos and Frames

Photographs and paintings freeze memories in time. Such memories often adorn our homes, sitting pretty at corners where guests are most likely to notice them. Though there are some, which are meant for our personal spaces too. Then there are those which are so precious that they make for amazing gifts. Photograph may be in paper prints, canvas prints or acrylic prints. They nevertheless play these roles in our lives. We look for ways to display them in best way possible and this is when frames come in to the picture. Frames lend a photograph a physical extension which makes for an impressive customized display.

Acrylic prints of photographs are modern in look and have a smooth and glossy finish. Since these can either be printed directly on to the material or Acrylic prints and then mounted onto the surface, these prints being to life the vibrancy of colors and also score over others due to the 3D effects it brings in. Moreover Acrylic prints are moisture resistant.

Canvas prints on the other hand are traditional, classy looking prints. With obvious gradients and not as smoothly finished as an Acrylic print, Canvas prints have its own loyal following. Canvas prints need to be taken care of but can you imagine life-sized photographs of Kings and Queens in anything else? Canvas prints still wield its magic.

Framed Prints add to the element of photographic display. They give a photograph the much needed edge by adding a little more by customizing the photos to suit the décor one is looking for. For instance the essence of the photograph, of a rustic landscape is enhanced a thousand times when framed in wood. Framed prints make for great gifts. In fact to make that gifted photograph a memorable treasure, framing it up is a great idea.