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Still Life Paintings

Life breathes into paintings and art becomes fun when you start enjoying what you love .The magic of Still life paintings show us a new way of looking at the ordinary objects around us. For example; a cauliflower, a brinjal doesn’t have any life yet when we draw them we breathe colorful life into them. The moment any object is placed before us it can be captured in any colour of paint or pastels and a mere splash of colors makes all the difference. That very moment, the living thing becomes an object to cherish forever.

An object should touch your soul not vanish into thin air. The objects don’t have a voice of its own. Still Life Art makes the treatment of the subject larger than life. The objects chosen reckon a different meaning to life. The lighting choice of color and handling of the subject matter are the most important things to consider while planning a Still Life painting.

Artoreal houses Still Life art & paintings which shows a different perspective towards objects around you. You can place your artwork here for sale. The Still Life art usually goes much deeper than just depicting pretty objects. An inquisitive mind will always have various thought processes put into practice intelligently and are strength. The themes for Still life paintings can vary from personal, cultural, mythological, philosophical etc. It seriously depends on your state of mind. Anything can attract your attention and becomes your subject matter. The kitchen items or the bar table can become the object of your choice!

When you see a chocolate or have a bunch of them, you want to eat it right? But the only way you can capture their essence is to draw them on your canvas and keep it live. Vincent Van Gogh the veteran of Still Life Paintings inspires the artists and their subjects across the globe for centuries. He used and transformed the subjects, color and techniques in creating Still life paintings. Paris houses many Still life paintings of his with flowers. Experimenting with color, light and techniques are the main ingredients of a Still Life Painting. The timeless quality of the paintings captivates art enthusiasts and you will see them in Artoreal!