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What can a pencil do for all of us? Amazing things. It can write transcendent poetry, uplifting music, or life-changing equations; it can sketch the future, give life to untold beauty, and communicate the full-force of our love and aspirations”, says Adam Braun. A pencil gives one more creativity and the power to draw and speak up. It starts with rough lines, shapes, random ideas and end up interesting drawing.

Artoreal is an artist network which encourages your art & helps showcase your talent. A sketch or a sketch art doesn’t only happen in your work table. It provides easy user portability to sketch something, to capture something or It can take place anywhere you need to record something, list an idea or just be inspired by the environment you are in. Bring a small notebook and a pen everywhere you go. Who knows, you might just find notable ideas as you go. Pencil Portraits has its own unique feature.

Some look like photographs but they are actually the Pencil portraits. The style is expressive, the pencil lines in the drawings and brush strokes in the paintings, close attention to light and shadows make the drawings and paintings appear to glow. However, when you draw a portrait from life; a more accurate approach to drawing is needed. You need to record the subtle variations of the features which make that individual's face unique. Such an approach has been used to build our pencil portraits above. Most artists make the greatest number of changes at the start of a drawing. Therefore it is important to draw lightly at first, as lightly drawn lines are easier to erase.

Unlike Traditional galleries, Artoreal talks about sketch art & paintings which is fascinating to your artistic sensibility. Unique work of yours like Horses Li, Lord Ganesha Pencil Portrait, Bulls I, Harry Porter, Bob Marley Pencil Portraits are creative portraits which any customer would adore & put it in their favourite place of their house. You just need a notebook & pencils to start with.So what are you waiting for? If you are an artist put your ideas put it into a beautiful sketch drawing or a painting and send it to us! Every one-of-a-kind artwork is available here.