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  • Amarnath

    By Pradip Sarkar
    12 x 12 (WxH) Inches

    Special Price 19,950.00

  • Army

    By Sonam Goyal
    12 x 16 (WxH) Inches

  • Bound In Time

    By Mrinal Dutt
    44 x 36 (WxH) Inches

  • Buddh Painting

    By Aparna Nilange
    16 x 18 (WxH) Inches

Religious Painting

Religious Art - Art has no boundary and Religious Art is the most appreciated and a source of inspiration for artists all over the world. Religious Art defines Biblical themes as well as Indian mythology which has been done in earlier centuries and is still popular amongst art lovers today. Artoreal houses paintings of Lord Krishna in various artistic forms, speaks volumes about intrinsic Buddha Art and literature and is replete with paintings which are embellished in thoughts and imagery straight out of a tradition or a medieval period. Every painting has a unique story to convey to its customers.

It is fascinating to see how the life of Christ has inspired people for centuries and actually triggered many to take up such fancy to the form of Art. Indian painting is deeply embedded in rich traditions and culture the earliest Indian paintings are mostly inspired from pre historic times and that becomes the story idea for many painters across the world. Most of the Art are also inspired from Indian princely courts with a different styles of its own. Under the British Raj in the 19th century, the seed of many paintings were introduced. Frankly, Buddhism is one of the major faiths which have inspired most of our Indian art for centuries and it still is. Most of the paintings here are based on mythology & religious history and sentiments.

The Mughal style has consistently contributed to significant the development of the Mughal painting in North India. The 17th and 18th centuries was increasingly influenced by the Mughal style. The character of Indian art is organic and the sculptures look real since every sculptor’s sense of originality in India makes it one of the countries with the greatest architecture. The Radha Krishna paintings are one of the best sought after religious paintings in India. It triggers a sense of calmness and peace in everyone’s life. The stories of love and affection of Radhe Krishna reflect in paintings galore in the Art galleries here.

The Radha Krishna paintings vary from different forms and styles from Lord Krishna to Mother Yasodha and the cow herd boys dressing Krishna, Gopal playing the flute and the painting of a Makkhan Chor, selection of paintings of Radhe Krishna paintings. Again exquisite Rajasthani paintings started around 16th - 19th century which has floored artists in Western India. Rajasthan paintings are also known as Rajput paintings and they are functionally and beautifully spaced in the Art galleries here.