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Portrait & Figurative Paintings

Portraits depict a human subject and are a life in itself. A lot of acrylic colors are used in the paintings which makes them visually attractive. Portrait and Figurative paintings have been around for decades and each painting drawn used by world famous artists tells a story in itself. The talent & creativity one brings in such paintings are hard to miss.

You will get to see fine Buddha paintings & Krishna paintings in Artoreal. The strokes of the paintbrush give each painting a new treatment, a new character. For e.g.; Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most admired and popular portrait paintings of our times. It’s appreciated in every part of the world and you will see it adorned in the houses and Art galleries of the world. You will find similar artwork in the Gallery with some brilliant strokes.

Figurative & Portrait paintings are quite the same. Some breathtaking images of women have been painted by men from time immemorial range from. Every painting bear semblance to the country’s own culture and tradition and every scene realistically captures the essence of favorite subject, the female form. Every artist knows how to sue their paintbrush in the right way and with soft skin tones, graceful movements and soft fabrics.

Every artwork of Buddha Painting has been done in style. It uses a certain approach to art which emphasizes contours and a certain form of the subject. The style and though require a lot of detailing and knowledge. Every Krishna Paintings in itself a revelation of the kind of ideas the artists thinks through and projects them through colors and lines. If you wish to become a painter,Artoreal is a great place to buy and sell your artist a network of budding painters who is looking ahead to draw & paint objects closer to their heart. The ideas are countless.

As we know the passion for art brings together the artists to a common place. It is a group of talented contemporary figurative artists. From sublime portraits to surprising life changing artwork and thought processes, each artist offers their own unique style of capturing the human face and body for you to explore. This is one such place which connects you to artists, art collectors, galleries, students and art lovers all over the world.