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Nature & Landscape Paintings

Nature & Landscape paintings have been around for decades and each painting drawn by world famous artists tells a story in itself. The touch of creativity brought by the artists lends the paintings a special touch. Landscape paintings from time immemorial have caught the fancy of people all over the world and to our inane sense of aesthetic art.

Landscape art is actually the depiction of art in the form of natural scenery such as valleys, river, oceans trees, forests, animals or even birds and so many other forms of nature, all composed into a beautiful amalgamation of colors and its pertinent subject. Arts showcased in Artoreal like: “A small tea stall in village”, ‘Autumn Series’, ‘Celestial Romance’, ‘Colors’, ‘City’, ‘Divine Orange’ are some artworks which define the spiritual element and the philosophical romanticism of Landscape paintings. A certain element of spiritualism has been present in East Asian art from the onset while usually romanticism defines the Western form of art.

Landscape paintings are usually imaginative and you can think of thousands of subjects in the nature and paint them according to your fancy. The rainbow, sky, the earth in all its glory sums up to the formation of a landscape painting. For example, the Sky can be projected in various forms and hues sometimes with themes like the sun setting against an orange background or a yellowish one or a plain blue background if it’s the sea. The watercolors and oil paints do a fantastic job here.

Landscape and nature paintings are also about the right kind of colors which go into it. An artist knows very vividly what color composition should into each painting. The passion for art not only brings together the artists to a common place but it also opens up a platform of ideas and subjects to people aspiring to become a painter. The nature and Landscape painting usually livens up a workplace or any home because it brings the beauty of the outdoor to the indoor. From magnificent landscapes to forest, sea, birds and animals these subjects breathes life to every painting. Every thought process in unique to its artists and the platform of Artoreal engages every artists into one such group. This is one such place which connects you to artists, art collectors, galleries, students and art lovers all over the world. Artoreal crafts together every creative mind and gives us a glimpse of thoughts unknown to us.