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  • 3D Mania

    By Prateek Siroya
    11.69 x 8.27 (WxH) Inches

  • A Farm Away

    By Muhammad Majeed
    14 x 14 (WxH) Inches

  • A Window

    By Anupam Banarase
    48 x 60 (WxH) Inches

  • Abstract 1

    By Prasenjit Mitra
    30 x 24 (WxH) Inches

Modern & Abstract Paintings

We see a lot of Modern art around us in the recent times and sometimes we purely stand in awe of them. Abstract art is mostly a visual art which usually departs from the reality using the imagery of art. Lines, shapes are colors are used here. It’s a form of modern painting which has attracted artists all overthe world because it goes beyond the perceived notions of the objects and sometimes remains undescribable.It has provided them a new platform to showcase an array of colorful visuals. It’s contemporary in structure, usually captivating and forces to you to think beyond the normal. Abstract Paintings are expensive yet most coveted.

The term, ‘Modern Art ‘can accommodate a variety of meanings. Since we are constantly moving towards time it’s natural that the meaning of modern painting has changed over time and will continue to do so.Both Modern & Abstract paintings have a number of important characteristics, such as New Types of Art where Modern artists developed the collage art and assorted various forms of art, several genres of photography, animations, art or earthworks, and performance art.Each art is a collation of fresh and raw materials out of which they have created works of ‘Junk Art’.

Artoreal houses paintings which breathes life and imagery straight out of a landscape or a thought. Every painting has a unique story to convey to its customers. Different forms of Art like Abstract Floral Painting, Abstract in Acrylic Paintings, Autumn Series, Celebrations, Classic Collection, Cosmic Dance of Shiva and Dancing under the Moonlight painted by artists who has a fine taste in their surroundings and expressive use of color. Every piece of Art has been drawn with a new technique in mind. If you are a loyal follower or an admirer of Modern & Abstract Paintings, this is the site for you!

Threre is a prestigious lineage to Modern &Abstract arts.It is about a sense of idea, format, line, shapes, colors, texture and most importantly inspiration. It could be from your own life or something which fascinates you. It can stir up your emotions and also allows freedom of expression in the purest way. Many contemporary artists are thus drawn to create their palette story onon their canvases which are in demand by buyers and art lovers around the globe. Browse through Artoreal to know more!!!