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Heritage Paintings

The term ‘Heritage’ refers to natural or man-made features of historical or cultural significance associated with a culture or nation, such as natural formations, buildings, artwork, and archaeological sites. Broadly, it can be divided into natural heritage and cultural heritage. A heritage painting is an aesthetic portrayal of elements of heritage or history of a place. Heritage paintings portray ancient works of architecture, characteristic landscapes, which stand testimony to a bygone era, or are reflections of lifestyles, traditions and customs which may or may not have changed with time. Art connoisseurs often consider heritage paintings, to be art with a soul, as the colours splayed on canvas, tell a story.

Paintings about Indian Heritage

India is a home to ancient and medieval art and architecture which speaks of its rich history. The frescoes and sculptures of Ajanta &Ellora caves, date back to 2nd century B.C. to 4th century A.D. and are known to be exemplary achievements of mankind in the field of art and engineering. Paintings on many such ancient caves in India, inspire artists to render heritage paintings which emulate these frescoes. When it comes to jewels of architecture, the Taj Mahal is an artist’s favourite for a heritage painting which encapsulates the beauty of ancient Indian monuments. Paintings on Indian heritage are not just about heritage art and architecture of India. Sagas from the Hindu mythology, its characters, and the deities still worshipped by Hindus all over the world are also beautifully represented on canvas, by many artists who venerate various aspects of Hinduism through their art. Indian heritage paintings can also showcase facets of the many festivals celebrated in various parts of India, since thousands of years.

What Makes Heritage Paintings Special?

Some art lovers have an appreciation for history and the marvelous secrets which elements of heritage hold in their hearts. Such people, often turn to artistic portrayals of things with a legacy and have a great liking for heritage art. Heritage art sometimes portray significant moments in history too. Lover of history or not, heritage paintings are capable of instilling in you, a sense of pride and wonder for your land and culture. Every heritage painting, tells a tale of a bygone era. They are a window to a different world; a world we have only read or heard about. Heritage paintings, evoke different emotions in different people. All in all, they celebrate an authentic flavor of the culture they portray and pay a tribute to glories of the past.

Heritage Paintings as Wall Art

A Heritage painting usually amplifies on canvas, the beauty of somethings which is already beautiful. These artworks have a maturity about them which lends them an aura of magnificence, which is why they make for great statement pieces in a décor and add character to the walls. People with an affinity to a specific land or culture, take to dedicating a wall with an assembly of heritage art portraying that land or culture. Great for contemporary, as well as traditional homes heritage paintings, as a part of home décor, are unconventional pieces of sheer beauty and enigma.