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Heritage Paintings

Painting has been a passion of man since prehistoric times in India and across the globe. Earlier when there was no concept of galleries to exhibit art, people used caves and stones for their carvings. As we all know of the famous Ajanta and Ellora Cave paintings in India. Artoreal is a place for art lovers and people who seek art in their lives. During the ancient period, themes of bulk of paintings related to theological teachings, mythology, landscapes and animals took the most of heritage paintings. In those ages, colors like white, yellow, blue and black were usually used in the paintings to bring out the texture and theme of the sculptures or the landscapes.

The advent of Mughals was a great inspiration to Indian painting. The heritage of Indian painting is very rich as it covers a wide range of colours, techniques, themes and the paintings were drawn on a variety of materials too like silk, paper, canvas, cave walls and on many other places. Every painting is challenging and inspiring. Artists use the human face as a vehicle to bring out various forms of emotions and experiences at every stage of life and that’s what we wish to see in the contemporary times.

Heritage Paintings vary in shapes and ideas. It’s not just about landscapes or mythology; it also reflects various folk dances, songs and the life which was lived in the Mughal and Rajput times. The Art could be a depiction from a Durbar scene or a from a supper scene. The same goes with art across the globe. Even Biblical themes like Last Supper, crucifixion of Christ or Christ with his disciples, his preaching’s having been projected through painting s for ages. Every day some new ideas give birth to new paintings.

Artoreal plans to house extensive collection of artwork soon. You will get here collection of wallpapers with exciting heritage art for your rooms and damaged walls. There will be something for every corner of your room. With the advent of different types of paint colors today you get to use your creative geniuses and an array of options to choose from. So get inspired by nature, the senses around you, objects and pure imagination to color your way to harmony and create your own palette story.

Artoreal is just the place for you to connect and build a network of art lovers!