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Folk & Tribal Paintings

The eyes lit up when we talk about Folk Art & Tribal Paintings. India is known for its rich cultural heritage through forms of Art and the Folk & Tribal Paintings form the very foundation of it. India has wide variety of folk and tribal paintings. As we know, the basic paintings which we often see every day in Temples, Art Exhibitions etc. The different forms are Warli, Batik, Kalamkari, Miniature and many others. Folk art is an integral part of everyone's life in India.

Every Folk Art or Tribal Paintings can adorn your wall as they bring a unique folk story to tell.Artoreal has such exquisite collections for you. There are many forms of Folk Art paintings. Most of the artwork is a handmade art with Madhubani, Batik & Kalamkari paintings. Acrylic is used as the main ingredient in most of the paintings. Every Folk story has a story to tell about different parts and the culture of India in its most subtle and captivating way.

The Batik art of India Asian paintings come from India’s cultural capital, Bengal. The technique of Batik art of absorbing colors dates back a thousand years and can be traced to India. The tribal folk art is usually based on the religious festivals in India like Nag Panchami or Karwa Chauth. They are done by women using simple homemade colors and is a visual treat. Kalamkari Painting is another popular form of Folk art form which is usually done on clothes and is hugely popular in India. Both Batik & Kalamkari is loved by women around the globe to profess their love for handmade and authentic products.

One of the most sought after Folk art paintings are the Warli paintings. It express everyday life using extremely basic object forms and just one color ,white. The painting style is inspired from pre historic cave paintings. The Warli Arts too are based on religious beliefs and mostly express social views through their mind boggling paintings. Mostly every Indian household or the people who love and have a refined taste in Art purchase Warli style paintings as a status symbol. And for the love of fine Art.You can purchase A Wood Cut Art Ox Wall Art from Artoreal which defines the Folk Art in the best possible way.