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  • Kathakali

    Sold Out


    By Seby Augustine
    32 x 25 (WxH) Inches

  • Lady With Music

    By Debkumar Bhattacharyya
    24 x 36 (WxH) Inches

  • Lord Buddha 2

    By Debkumar Bhattacharyya
    24 x 30 (WxH) Inches

  • Love

    Sold Out


    By Seby Augustine
    30 x 18 (WxH) Inches

Cultural Paintings

India is a land diversified with its rich art and culture to say the least. This simplicity and rawness of cultural which dates back to Renaissance & Post Renaissance in Europe which bridged the gap between the Middle Ages and the Modern History making its creations most appealing to the general masses.Similarly,in India the Mughal and the Rajput paintings from time immemorial has enticed the people and the artists to think more creatively. Art is the unique example of expressing a cultured way of life. These paintings reflect India’s art & culture. It’s said that only after the 20th century; the scholars started valuing these paintings and began extensive research on the subjects and curating such paintings.

The true value of the cultural paintings therefore came to the forefront. The paintings also reveal the blissful creative side of Nature, including flora and fauna and many other creations of the nature which are a distinct part of the Indian paintings and mindset. Bright, vibrant colors give them a special touch & feel.

The modern treatment of these paintings differs. What makes these paintings special is that each of these types of paintings uniquely reflects the cultural and a clear idea about the life and work in that particular region. The treatment of each type of painting vastly differed in the different states of India. The colors and combinations used depict everyday life in rural Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Bengal interspersed with mythological figures, different seasons and traditional look of the house and its parts like the doorway,guestroom,kitchewn always catch the fancy of millions of artists round the globe.

Artoreal houses exquisite classical paintings of artists trying to make a mark in this field. Their art is inspired from the ancient Ajanta and Ellora paintings which depict eternal romances. Most of the cultural paintings reflect the local customs and the mythological figures of the ancient times. Rajput painting, also known as Rajasthani Painting, is a distinct style of Indian paintings which is seen in most of the art exhibitions and v tourist places in India. Rajasthan has played a significant role in the growth of Indian art. The Buddha in India has always been an extremely essential companion for artists. Artists love drawing different forms of abstract Buddha and in an idealistic way. It’s often a pure creation of how the Buiddha can be or could be. Its deep embedded in the cultural paintings of India.The Indian art can never be complete without the Buddha, the Folk paintings and the Bull fights. Artoreal portrays this and more in a very fine way.