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Cultural Paintings

Culture, can be defined as all the things which lend a particular character to and define the lifestyle of a group of people. Cultural art, especially cultural paintings, aesthetically convey valuable information about a culture such as a community’s way of living, attire, popular musical instruments, dance, architecture, customs and traditions, etc. Some cultural paintings simply portray folk styles of art indigenous to a culture and some portray scenes typical to a culture. Each cultural painting is truly a story in itself.

Indian Culture Paintings

Artists from different parts of the world, take various cultures to the rest of the world through art. Indian artists, through their cultural paintings, often glorify the various cultures of India, a land known for its rich history and diversity in cultures; making it an endless source of inspiration to artists.

Apart from depicting the current events, customs, traditions, followed in India today, Indian culture paintings showcase many other equally fascinating subjects. Illustrations of Hindu gods and mythological characters are much loved subjects. Colourful artwork showing Lord Krishna, and tranquil representations of Budhha. Portrayal of Indian festivals such as Lodhi, Durga Pooja, Holi etc. and their celebrations in various parts of India also make for delightful subjects.

The aesthetically pleasing Mughal and Rajput style of artwork in Indian cultural paintings show physical forms of men and women with exaggerated facial features, wearing colourful ethnic attire, placed against an ornate background. The colours used often contrast with each other and are vivid and fresh. Indian art also associates great significance to animal and bird paintings as much as they do to flora. Often shown, the elephant, a symbol of wisdom, strength is associated just as much with royalty, as peacocks are.

What Makes Cultural Paintings Invaluable

There’s an unmatched charm in a well-executed cultural artwork. They are a window to a world as seen from the eyes of the artist. Have you ever thought of a cultural painting of today, as a priceless treasure of tomorrow? A treasure which probably depicts a custom, an event, a style of dressing which is a thing of the past. Wondrous as they can be, cultural paintings can be pictorial documentation of customs and traditions of a culture.

Cultural Paintings as Wall Art

A cultural painting of sizable dimensions, neatly framed in ‘good-old’ wood, is often chosen as wall art if the buyer intends to impart a regal, traditional and sometimes rustic look to the home décor. An Indian culture painting is a perfect fit in the living room of an Indian home. A cultural painting adds a strong ethnic element which blends well in a traditional home. This ethnic element can also be brought into a contemporary set-up as a statement piece sure to grab much attention. artOreal houses a range of cultural artworks which are not only a delight to browse through, but can also be a perfect addition to your home or office décor.