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Cityscape Paintings

How do we forget Van Gogh? His paintings happened when photography was not invented. Such was cityscape art in the older times and so admirable. Cityscape paintings tell the story of a city wonderfully through its paintings. Modern Day paintings or cityscape paintings actually refer to drawings of buildings, urban scenery, and skyscrapers, skylines etc. Cityscape paintings reflect a city and its incredible scenario which is hard to believe. The cityscape arts make it look like a dream.

Global artists like Charles Fazzino gained recognition with his eye catching cityscape paintings. The urbane collection of Charles Fazzino creates possibilities and his cityscape art reflects sizes, colors, and shapes. His art include and reflects incredible inferences to countries and cities like New York, Beijing, London etc. Often you get to see your dream city in the paintings which you would like to behold. Cityscape art or paintings speaks of realism. Similarly, contemporary paintings by an artist called Sanjay Bhattacharya in India is a very abstract form of painting and is touching.

Cityscape paintings add texture and eye catching visuals to its content. It has the ability to make any painting look larger than life and with its oil and watercolors makes every vision worth for. Every art here lends a certain dimension to objects like buildings, streets, alleys, bridges, or a beautiful expanded skyline. It could be also a person holding an umbrella and crossing a bridge or someone staring at the skylines. Artoreal is an art gallery which can boast of such creative pieces of art as it houses aesthetic paintings like ‘A Cloudy Day at Kolkata’ which is breathtakingly beautiful and nostalgic to people of Kolkata,’A monsoon in Kolkata’ or a ‘Wet Day in Kolkata’. Every household here has a cityscape art which transports us to childhood memories and a place closer to the heart.

Every single painting captures not only the intricate architecture of the place but images with traditions, culture, seasons and regional specialties. What’s important is how an artist lends a complete essence to every frame of his. With their own version of real, every artist has his own take with the paintings. The reality is achieved in the paintings above as their brushstrokes wave through daylight and night. Detailing of every part of the house, its beams, its doors convey a story and a situation which we believe. It’s abstract yet so real.