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Animals & Birds Paintings

You can’t possibly miss any Animals or Bird paintings in any household in India. There is bound to have a portrait of an owl or a horse or a bird. Of course there are other animals too and each painting always carries a meaning. If you love to have animal or bird paintings in your room or anywhere you wish to adorn,Artoreal is surely the right place for you. This art platform can give you the right advice and the right kind of portrait you would like to purchase. How to draw a animal, bird or precisely draw a feather is something one needs to learn. Animal or bird paintings take a certain skill.

Detailing of the painting with different form of pastels adds a softness to them which brings out the delicate and the sensitivity of an Animal or a Bird painting. The cheekiness of a cuckoo or a furry sparrow or an ogling owl is such phenomenal paintings looks real when painted by artists of such stature. A group of bird lazing around or looking for food or a herd of dears in search of food or being chased by a tiger is some portraits which are a favorite of many artists.

A Majestic peacock painted in different hues or a Wood Cut Art Ox Wall Art, a Bird family or Bulls every subject has been tried and tested by artists in the previous generation and are bring tried by artists now. Robins have been an attractive subject for artists in the Western culture. Every story of a bird or an animal makes us think of the story behind it is.In today’s time, birds and animal portrait are not just sold as paintings but on Tote Bags, pillows, cushions and of course greetings card.Greeting cards have enjoyed the attention of animal and bird paintings and are a favorite of students and youngsters all around the globe.

Artoreal is one such platform which threads the creative minds together and is an inspiration to many artists to reach out to the platform and showcase their art. Artoreal houses various category of paintings and exquisite ones. Every painting is unique in its own way. The ‘Dawn of Birds’, the horses dancing under the Moonlight, a creative Horse portrait, the fight of the Bulls weaves a story of its own. This is an engaging forum of Art where you will definitely be spoilt for choices.