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Animal and Bird Paintings

Indian art has always been greatly inspired by elements of nature, such as flora, animals and birds. Artistic illustrations of wildlife make for popular art in Indian homes such as animal paintings and bird paintings on the wall, sculptures and even as prints on textiles. Paintings with animals such as elephants, and birds such as peacocks have been an artists favorite since many ages. The Indian culture encourages a general reverence to the various elements of nature and a genteel attitude towards many birds and animals due to their significance in the Hindu mythology. Indian artists often love to portray this significance in their paintings.

Animal Paintings

Although artists believe in never being conservative with their subjects, there are some animals and birds artists find themselves portraying very often. These animals and birds are a favorite of the artists either due to their religious significance or for what they symbolize. Elephants are often portrayed in Indian art and symbolize not only power and intelligence but also the beloved Hindu deity Ganesha. The Nandi bull is another animal, reverently illustrated by artists. Nandi is the gate- guardian deity of Kailasa, which is the home of Lord Shiva. Deer, horses, and tigers have a compelling form and aura which inspires artists.

Among birds, the peacock and parrot are easily the most popular subjects for bird paintings. Peacocks are considered to be a good omen according to some cultures and are a regal symbol of love and beauty. Parrots, have significance as messengers in the love story of deity Krishna and his devotee Radha. They too are a symbol of love and fidelity.

Why Painting Birds and Animals is a Special Skill

Nature’s creativity is boundless. There are so many kinds of birds and animals in the world and each of them has a variation in texture. Recreating nature’s beauty on canvas, especially when it comes to complex creatures such as birds and animals, painting requires much skill and knowledge of many techniques to achieve a desired effect. Artists into creating animal paintings and bird paintings, find the textures exhibited by various animals most challenging to portray, which is one feat an artist aspires to achieve. The artist also has to get the tones of the colours right in order to get the form right. Another aspect of a painting is the mood reflected in it, which should complement the subject of the painting.