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Since many years, paintings done on walls, canvas, clay, glass and other areas have remained one of the best ways to enhance the decor of a home. No one should deny to buy paintings because it act as the best ways to decorate any workplace or any other property or area. This has become possible because of creativity skills, hard work and good knowledge of artists in themes, paints, colour combinations and various other things, which play significant role to make paintings eye catching in front of others.

Overview of Paintings

Painting refers to the practice of applying pigments, paints, colours and various other essential mediums to any solid surface called as support base. In other words, paintings for sale or simply for decor indicate the mode of any creative expression, where individuals will find numerous forms. Here, drawing, composition, gesture, narration and abstraction serve as important aesthetic modes, which help a lot to manifest both conceptual and expression intentions of an expert painter.

History of Paintings

Several years ago, oldest known paintings and artworks were found in France at Grotte Chauvet, where few of the renowned historians have believed to be of more than 32,000 years. At that time, artists used black pigments and red ochre for both engraving and painting procedures. These paintings highlighted rhinoceros, horses and lions, mammoth and buffalo, along with varieties of abstract designs and partial human figures. With the passage of time, buy paintings have obtained their main roles in various western countries and gained popularity among various western cultures in the form of watercolour and oil paintings. Reason for this is that both watercolour and oil painting collections have complex and rich traditions. On the other side, people belonging to Eastern culture consider coloured ink and simple ink as complex and rich traditions. Later on, during the later years of 19th century and earlier years of 20th century, artists have come up with ultimate series of art movements, like fauvism, impressionism and post-impressionism, cubism, expressionism and Dadaism.

Paintings Types and Styles

Until now, renowned artists have put their efforts to offer paintings for sale under various types and styles. These include

  • Abstract Artworks

Abstract Art indicates painting style that eludes a particular subject and converts it to the simplest possible form rather than using any figurative reality in the form of reference.

  • Surrealism

Surrealism is the latest painting style, which juxtaposes large numbers of images in combination to give a stunning effect. Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, Toyen and Valentine Hugo had remained famous painters, who followed Surrealism painting style.

  • Conceptual Art

Conceptual artwork acts as the modern style, where artist has sole belief that concept in painting is very much essential as compared to the actual artwork. Therefore, paintings are the best possible ways to enhance the beauty of any space in room, home and in other properties.