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Artist : Ajay Chandak Shop : Indranil Garai
Title : Moksh
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Artwork-Size(W x H)
36 x 36 Inches
1.06 Kg
Stretch Canvas
Acrylic Color
Artist believes that "MOKSH" – transcends the three modes of the materialistic world. The painting has three bands depicting the three modes of material nature: Tamas (negativity & darkness) depicted by the dark shade of Black at the bottom, Rajas (Passion & Royalty) depicted by Reddish-brown shade in the middle and Satva (Purity) depicted by a lighter shade of green at the top. To attend the MOKSH, one has to transcend the three modes of materialistic nature Tamas, Rajas, Satva and situate oneself in Sudha Satva (Pure Goodness).
Created: 2019

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