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A walk in the woods
Gayatri Deshpande | INDIA

Sep 28 - Oct 12
Indranil Garai

When I discussed with Gayatri Deshpande about her new series, I was intrigued to know her expression, in her own words she says -

" A walk in the woods -is a humble attempt to depict what I feel whenever I spend time in nature. I come back with a new experience every time. The ever changing woods continue to teach me a lot about life. The experience is so overwhelming that I feel compelled to share with the world what it means to me and how important the woods are to us as mankind.

My paintings are just a medium of expression to reach out to you and my palette knife has helped me create this abstract experience. It has been a deeply introspective journey and I hope my work strikes the right chord within people"

As they say, once you take a walk in the woods, you come out taller than the trees.

Come join me and Gayatri at to experience this one of a kind spectacular show.

Gayatri Deshpande

Ms. Gayatri Deshpande is a Pune based artist. Knowing that painting was always her passion she followed it by perusing art education from an esteemed Art college - The Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. Gayatri’s works gathered several prizes and awards at exhibitions conducted by different Art Socie