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Prasad Mane | INDIA

Jul 22 - Aug 08
Indranil Garai

The Space…… what is it? One cannot define space using descriptive words and so is portraying it on canvas a big challenge. Prasad’s works are framed emotions layered with coloured memories. His experiences of life are seen in the various colours of his paintings. He believes in GOD as a supreme creator and draws inspiration from his creations. Every creation is a story. Rich coloured compositions with subtle unknown forms creates a mysterious storytelling character in all his work. You will also see different shapes inspired from God’s creation reflecting in his Visuals. The circles of Sun/ Moon, the triangle shapes of mountains, the lines of the green grass etc. Along with these shapes, the pure abstraction and juxtaposition of unknown forms creates a mystery in his work. A series of similar works create narratives like chapters of a novel that unfolds an imagery world that attract us to his work.

I am sure like me; the bright picturesque quality of Prasad’s work will enthral you. Looking forward to seeing you on this fascinating journey on artOreal Live.

Prasad Mane

Exploration of the world around us takes endless forms and provides us such a vast wealth of inspiring phenomena. I simplify the subjects of my paintings in basic forms like the circles of Sun/ Moon, the triangle shapes of mountains, the lines of the green grass, etc. My art journey started when I drew my first painting of lord Krishna on old plywood. Today my paintings are reflections of these past events that have been transformed into simplified forms. Colours used in the paintings also plays an important role in portraying my strong emotions.


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