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Potrait Photographs

Portraiture photography of a single person or a group of people mainly involves depicting personality of a specific subject via application of effective backdrops, lighting and poses. Portrait photographs may be of either artistic type or clinical type mainly as a significant part of the medical study.

Professionals associated with this type of photography commission portraits for many special occasions, like school events, birthdays and weddings. Portraits may serve various purposes starting from their applications on any personal website to displaying of collections in any particular business lobby.

History of Portraiture Photos

Affordable daguerreotype of photos launched during the middle of 19th century and reduction in sitting time associated with the subject has released in the demand of Portrait photography as compared to painted portraiture collections. Style associated with such early works highlighted technological challenges related to long exposure times and painterly aesthetic of the period.

For this, artists place their subjects against plain background and use soft light of any overhead window and any other similar equipment to reflect with mirrors. However, advancements in technologies have resulted in development of innovative techniques and latest photographic equipments to provide photographers with adequate ability of capturing images with less possible exposure times and make portraits outside of the photo studio.

Types of Portraiture Photos

Based on broad classifications, portraiture photos are available to people under following important categories:-

  • Classical Portrait

Classical or traditional portraits refer to images, where face acts as a predominant element. Main objective behind this type of Portrait photography is to highlight visual representation of a particular person. In this case, subject has to look directly at photographer’s camera.

  • Environmental Portraiture

Terminology of environmental portraiture indicates any image, where professional photographers capture the photo of any subject based on his or her natural environment. For instance, a labour photographed at his construction zone, sculpture working in his studio and a teacher in classroom and many more. These Portrait photographs also involve the usage of surroundings for complementing a particular subject and at the same time, to emphasize his character.

  • Candid Portrait

Professional photographers capture candid portraits without expectations of subjects and acknowledgements of photographers. These styles have found their wide applications in photojournalism, street photography, travel photography and event photography.

  • Glamour Portrait

In case of glamour portraits, artists and photographers emphasize on highlighting romantic or sexy appeals of any chosen subject.

  • Lifestyle Portraitures

Lifestyle portraitures give emphasis towards suggesting living styles of depicted people. Technically, professionals perceive it as combination of candid and environmental portraits. Here, artists give relatively higher weight to communicate life experiences and feelings present in their chosen subjects. Style has countless implications in fine art and commercial photography.